Sale and rental of mountain camping equipment in Tashkent
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Rent of tourist equipment

Rental of tents, sleeping bags and everything you need while traveling.

Camping Equipment Hire

Make your outdoor recreation as comfortable as possible.

Sleeping bags

A wide range of sleeping bags for any season.


Family, hiking, assault, expeditionary.

Travel backpacks

High-quality and reliable backpacks for any conditions.


Essential little things for all tourists.

SIERRA Uzbekistan. Sale and rental of equipment for camping and trekking in Tashkent.

SIERRA it is the largest rental and selling equipment for camping, trekking and hiking equipment in the country. We have a huge selection of equipment which can be equipped with everything necessary for more than 200 people at a time.

In our warehouse there are only high-quality and proven things that will not let you down even in difficult weather conditions.

All rental equipment is thoroughly cleaned after use, and sleeping bags are equipped with additional sheets.

You can rent and buy from us:

   -Tents, Sleeping bags, Carriages, Trekking sticks, Backpacks, Camping furniture, Crockery

and much more...

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