Sale and rental of mountain camping equipment in Tashkent
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Rent terms

We want to make everything as simple and convenient as possible so that you are equipped and immediately go on a trip! After reading our page, you can call us or send an e-mail and ask all your questions.

We have made a special offer especially for you. By renting any equipment from us, having tested it, you can redeem it minus the amount that you have already paid for the rental. Moreover, you can buy the same brand new equipment, minus the cost of rent.

Great, isn't it?

And that's not all!

You bought some equipment from us, and after a week you want to change it, for some reason? No problem pay a week of rent and exchange it for another!


Reservation of equipment is carried out only at 100% prepayment. You can pay directly on the site using the method convenient for you or come to our store and leave a request.

Rental process.

Let's say you need a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack from Friday to Sunday. You leave a request and pay it on Thursday (the sooner the better) and already on that day or the next you pick up your kit in our store.

Of course, we understand that after an exciting three-day trip, the last thing I would like to do is to go on a rental in the evening and rent out my equipment. Therefore, you can safely relax and return it on Monday. You do not have to overpay.
Or you can return the equipment by calling our employee anywhere in the city.

What equipment do we provide?

We provide only high-quality and tested (by us personally) equipment that will not let you down at an important moment. Before giving things for temporary use, we conduct a full cleaning and inspection for defects. We understand that many will not want to sleep in a sleeping bag in which SOMEONE already slept, which is why all our sleeping bags are equipped with special synthetic liners that undergo a dry cleaning process after each use.

How about discounts?

And where without her! We offer discounts for large groups and early bookings (more than a week).

Return equipment to the store.

Our motto is “perfectly clean”, but we do not expect this from you =). We expect returned equipment to be clean and dry. Especially dry !!! Humidity is mold and opening hours for us to return the equipment to its original appearance and prepare it for the next rental.

“Clean equipment” means to shake the trash out of the tent and other things.

You need to know that we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if the equipment returned to us wet. How often do we do this? Infrequently. And if you are in a situation where you have to return the equipment wet to prevent conflict situations, a phone call in advance will be enough.

With that said, we understand that there are situations when equipment is still damaged. Suppose you put a tent close to a fire or burn a sleeping bag, then you will need to pay for a replacement or repair.

Just treat the equipment as your own and everything will be fine!